Pleasing the man in bed serves to be more complex than many a woman might think to be. The very notion is that the men are strange creatures that can be satisfied easily is actually a wrong thought. Men are as intricate as their women counterpart, and to please them  and to let them remember you for periods longer  of time is not a simple thing.


Take into notice that men loves variety and it is simple that they get bored very easily when you follow the boring, age old pattern of lovemaking. So, try changing things in order to let your man feel some new trends in your lovemaking. There are some positions that are more satisfactory for both the partners. Try finding out such positions but stress more on the simply love. Take full control over your man and see how he gets wild.

Some women also hold the point that men care just about the final love activity and not the entire process. This is indeed wrong. While it is really crucial for men to get satisfaction, they take due pleasure in the whole process as well. This is why the act of foreplay is really appreciated by men. As it is known that the men are  really sensitive, a single touch can work wonders and send the man into a mood of complete ecstasy. Ensure that you use strokes and change its pace very often.

Another complaint that a large number of men confess is that their partners do not move in bed. So, try to be active . In case you are not an active partner, your man will eventually loose all the fun and love. Try adding new things in order to increase your man’s pleasure. Just don’t think about your own pleasure, give emphasis to your man’s satisfaction.