“How to know you are pregnant ?” this is a question which bothers many women. There are many symptoms which can help a woman determine if she is pregnant or not. The symptoms vary from one woman to another. A woman whose egg has undergone fertilization have an increased progesterone level in their body. This will lead to an increased body temperature in some and low body temperature in some others. Some women will also have cramps in the lower part of the abdomen and bleeding.

Pregnancy test

The best method will be to use home pregnancy test or consult a doctor for the blood test. The home pregnancy test is very reliable nowadays. A person going for this home test must wait atleast 14 days after their ovulation period to get the correct result.

Monthly periods

The delay of monthly periods will be the best indicator for determining pregnancy. Even when the monthly periods are delayed and the symptoms of pregnancy are evident sometimes the home pregnancy test may show negative results. Here to be sure of the condition it will be better to consult a doctor and get it confirmed.

Signs to observe

One of the common indicators of pregnancy is morning sickness or nausea. This is most evident during the first three months of pregnancy and reduces with time. Craving for food is common in some women and smell of certain foods will often cause vomiting .

Exhaustion, headaches and fainting are some other common indicators of pregnancy. Most women due to increased hormone levels will have mood swings and it takes some time for the person to get adjusted to this new change occurring within the body. Darkening or areolas, tender breasts, gain of weight especially around the waist, frequent urination, constipation etc are some other indicators of pregnancy.

You can check out more signs and symptoms to be confirmed whether you are pregnant or not. Mood changes is another sign of your pregnancy. At times, you may feel joyous, but at others, you may feel irritated and fed up for no reason. These are the mood changes that may be faced if you are pregnant.

Apart from these signs and conditions, the pregnancy symptosm vary from one person to another. You can consult with you doctor to know the problems that you might face or solutions to the signs that you may be facing right now.