If you observe closely, on an average, your nails grow around 0.1mm everyday and also the growth of nails in men in faster than the women. Nevertheless, long nails are in fashion and almost every woman wants to have beautifully, pink, glossy long nails so that they can experiment beautiful nail arts. If you want longer nails, here are a few home remedies that can help you to grow nails faster.

Rubbing Lemon Slice

By running lemon slice on your nails everyday for around 5 minutes can actually be very helpful. It can give you longer nails along with shine and pinkish texture. After you rub this lemon slice on your nails, you can rinse your nails in water. Continue this process and see the results for yourself!

Foods Containing Gelatin

Eating foods that have jelly content can be good for nail growth. Foods like jelly and the ones which are rich in gelatin content can be good for growing nails. Nevertheless, this theory is not supported completely by scientists.

Grow Nails

Grow Nails

Applying blend of tea tree oil and lavender oil

By applying mixture of tea tree oil and lavender oil, you do not just promote the growth of your nails but also avoid damage of the nails. It strengthens the nails and thus facilitates long nails.

Frequent Manicures can help

Frequent manicures will not just keep your hands beautiful and soft, but will also help in growth of nails. Manicures can promote nail growth by stimulating them.

Clean the nails, but do not leave Wet!

Remember, by keeping your nails clean you will get longer nails, but it is important that you should not keep them wet. This not just makes your weak, but also expose it to infections.

All the aforementioned home remedies for how to grow nails faster can be helpful for those who want longer nails.