If you have an oily skin, this subject will be of a great interest for you. People with oily sin are too prone to whiteheads and needless to say, these look too bad on your skin. However, there are some natural and easy ways to get rid of whiteheads.

One of the best and natural ways to avoid whiteheads from coming is by consuming a lot of water as well as fruits since they keep your skin hydrated. People with oily skin need to keep their face clean and dry so that impurities do not dwell on the skin. Regularly washing the face and keeping it dry is essential. Besides, another good way is to take vapors. Vapors is one of the most easiest and no-cost formula to keep away the whiteheads. This cleanses your skin naturally and avoids development of any new impurities such as white heads.


In case you already have a lot of whiteheads on your face, you need to pop them out but with a lot of care. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that whiteheads can be popped out only when they are fully grown. It leads to wounds but you can apply cellulose wadding that is soaked in alcohol to heal the wounds. Remember, the most important thing is to keep the skin clean.

Whiteheads occur due to clogged pores. Therefore it is always recommended that if you have an oily skin, keep it fresh, clean and dry in order to avoid any such impurities develop on your face.