If you have undergone some crash diets, face aging or have delivered a child, you may be facing the problem of sagging or loose belly skin. But don’t worry as this problem can be fixed easily. Also, people who do not wish like undergoing harmful and dangerous surgeries or operations to remove the extra skin can surely try the natural and safe methods to say goodbye to loose belly skin. These measures include massage, exercises, proper diet and others.

Simple tips on how to get rid of loose belly skin:


Straight exercise is the one that helps to reduce the body fat and by getting the blood circulation go right. You can even start with some useful aerobics program to enjoy tight skin around the belly. In case the loose skin on the belly is because of aging, it is best to look out for some structured and well planned exercise program. It is wise to include the stomach crunches and some other useful sculpting exercises like swimming to enjoy results.

Fish oil

The fish oil capsules which are rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D not just help to nourish the skin, but even restore its tone.


Even drinking a lot of water on a daily basis helps to eliminate the toxins from the body. Try to have at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every single day. You can also drink coconut water and enjoy the electrolyte properties that it offers.

Cocoa butter

It does not actually help to loose the belly skin, but it serves as a great moisturizer. Thus, it helps the skin to feel better and thus repair it in no time.


Massaging the belly every day is great to loose the belly skin fat. As per health experts and scientists, the avocado oil products also help to increase collagen formation and that too when the deficiencies are basically age related. In such situations, you can take few drops of avocado oil on the skin and then massage it in the clockwise motion. The massage will help you to get rid of the loose belly skin in short span of time.


Eating balanced diet which generates collagen production is great. Thus, you can eat the leafy and green vegetables and the foods which are filled with Vitamin C. these items include oranges, citrus fruits, cherries and strawberries. Even the foods that are rich in sulfur content can be had like cucumbers, celery and olives.

So, if you are satisfied with the details on how to get rid of loose belly skin, use the simple tips and enjoy a nice, sexy looking belly.