Cold sores are mainly caused due to herpes simplex virus that is believed to be dormant in some nerve cells until it gets activated by anxiety, stress, extra exposure to sun, cold and other reasons. The cold sores may last for around 7 to 14 days as per the severity.

Use Aloe Vera

It is thus best to know how to get rid of cold sores fast and easy. Aloe Vera and its gelatinous sap which is contained in the leaves of this plant have been widely known for healing properties. It is mainly a useful moisturizer that helps to heal the burns. Talking about cold sores, the problem of cracking is very common due to the usual location i.e. around mouth area. Aloe Vera can help tremendously to keep one’s skin elastic and to avoid the skin cracks.Cold Sores

Vitamins help

Some experts say that cold sores may be linked with nutrient and diet deficiencies. It thus makes proper sense that healthy body heals at a faster rate than an unhealthy or sick one. So, better try increasing your consumption of lysine, zinc and Vitamin C. also, the yogurt is useful to heal cold sores effectively. Vitamin E may even be used on the cold sores to enjoy relief in cracking and pain.

Keep the sore dry and clean: In case your sore weeps a lot, you should clean the area with soap and fresh water. Stuff that drips out from the wound is complete with contagious virus and so if you hold the tissue to this wound, it is wise to dispose it off properly. When the cold sores start to scab over, it is best to avoid messing them.

Use ice cube and dry towel to get relief

You can use an ice cube as well to apply it on the affected cold sore area. Keep the cube there till it becomes totally melted. This may prove to be a bit uncomfortable, but you can do away with the sore easily and fast with this natural remedy. After the ice cube has melted, you can pat dry the affected region with a soft and dry towel. Do not rub the area.

Do not touch the infected regions: There are indeed various reasons because of which you should not scratch or rub or even touch the cold sore again and again. This is because your hands may be dirty and you may thus contaminate the sores with some bacteria. More so, you may even burst the capillaries or destroy the skin around the sore when you touch it time and again. Further, every time you touch the sore and that too when it is in weeping state, you risk the chances of terrible viral infection to the passerby.

So now you know easy ways to get rid of cold sores, use them wisely and stay at bay from the problem.