Blackheads are the small deposits full of oil, bacteria and dust in the skin pores. There are different ways to get rid of blackheads easily. To know how to get rid of blackheads, read on and find simple, surefire tips.

Be oil free

Try to keep the skin as oil free and clean as possible. Use the natural cleansers, masks and astringents to keep blackheads at bay. Do not even use any harsh face washes and soaps which may irritate the skin and the creams that may leave oil on your skin.

How to get rid of blackheads

Healthy diet is important

Try not eating processed and junk food. This will in turn worsen the blackhead condition. Eat the food in natural state like raw vegetables, fruits and making the meals using the raw items rather than the processed items. Proper diet plays a very important role to get rid of blackheads. Eat huge amounts of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis like apple, spinach, orange, pineapple and carrot.

Be clean and tidy

Change your pillowcases on a regular basis. The oil that is produced by your hair can get accumulated on the pillow cases and so it is better to change them daily.

What not to do

Avoid harsh picking and squeezing of the blackheads. Harsh squeezing may lead to skin damage which surrounds pores and can even increase the pore size thereby resulting in more blackheads in future times.

Natural way

Use garlic to treat blackheads and acne. Garlic can be easily utilized to stay away from acne and this can be done by cutting garlic and massaging blackheads with it for about 10 minutes or so. This will in turn help to destroy bacteria that cause the blackheads.

Last but not least, use different towels every time to wipe the face. And maintain separate towel that is clean to be used on your face and a different one for the rest of your body.