So you have enjoyed a rough sex, but you have an important meeting that awaits you the next morning? Definitely you don’t want people to look at you in the weird way. Getting rid of hickey is not a very difficult task and you can do it without much trouble and panic. Here are a few tips:

Cold compresses

It is one of the most commonly used methods to ward off the red sign of rough sex that you had. Apply cold compress on the affected areas. This needs to be left for around 20 minutes. In order to completely let the sign of hickey go away, use the ice three times.

Use concealer

You read it right! Use the same skin concealer to be put on the hickey. It might not ward off the hickey, but would lighten it by camouflaging it. The redness would simply hide under concelaler.


Massage with comb

It sounds weird! But, massaging on the hickey with comb or hair brush can help you get rid of hickey.

Hot compress

You can use either cold compress or hot compress. For hot compress, you can use moist and used tea bags. Keep repeating the process of using it till hickey becomes invisible.

Mint toothpaste

You can use toothbrush with mint toothpaste on the hickey to let it ward off. Though it won’t go completely, but you will notice it becoming light.

Moving with the hickey can be troublesome and embarrassing for you. But these easy and simple ‘how to get rid of hickey fast’ methods can actually work for you!