It is no surprise that a large number of women these days are looking forward to fix their damaged hair. Fortunately, for each and every woman, there are a few inexpensive and useful tricks that can help them have shining, strong hair. These simple to make products can be easily prepared in one’s own kitchen without evenhair1spending too much on the expensive cosmetics and medications to moisture your damaged hair. These homemade remedies can surely improve as well as revitalize the hair condition. In fact, there is nothing more attractive than the head full with lustrous and lush hair.

Mayonnaise- The very thought of putting this sandwich spread on the hair can sound to be a bit weird, but in fact, mayonnaise has a very long history to be an effective and useful hair treatment. Mayonnaise is famous for including some key ingredients that can make your hair healthy and beautiful. As it is made mainly from oils and eggs, it is really rich in minerals, fatty acids, vitamins and proteins which will enrich as well as moisturize the hair. But it is important to keep in mind that the real and pure mayonnaise only contains these ingredients. All you need to do is to just apply the pure mayonnaise on the hair and then wrap it with a plastic cap. Cover the warm towel over it and then wait for about 10 minutes to make your hair enjoy getting the great nutrients.

The scalp creates natural oils for helping moisturize the hair. But these days, as we use the styling products and equipment, the scalp is not able to create sufficient oil. Thus olive oil is featured with a large amount of beneficial ingredients that can make your hair restore its luster and health. All you need to do is to heat the olive oil to become warm and then coat the hair with it. To lower down the mess, you can wrap the hair in a plastic or rubber bag. Leave the oil on the hair and scalp for 15 minutes and see the wonderful results of having well moisturized and lustrous hair.