Hangover relief generally begins a night before. Overdoing it with a huge amount of alcohol causes vitamin deficiency and dehydration. So plan your night out well and take care of yourself in morning to avoid unwanted and uncomfortable hangover situation. But in case you face a rough night, it is best to follow some tips on how to cure hangover.

Sleep and rest are the best friends at such times to allow your body to recover. It is thus great to stay in your bed and sleep. The more you will sleep, the more you will feel better and avoid the effects of a hangover.


Avoid caffeine- It may soothe and relax you, but it will prove to be highly dangerous when you take coffee after a hangover. Rather, taking a lot of fresh water is a great way to prevent symptoms of hangover and dehydration in the morning after. Consuming huge amount of water before going to bed will help to wash out the consumed alcohol. In case you don’t feel like taking water, better try flat ginger ale to soothe your system and stomach.

Taking Vitamin B and C is also great. Take extra pill of the vitamins in morning and do not take them on empty stomach if you face a hangover. This may result in vomiting.

Further, be extra careful regarding eating too much of sugar both before and while you consume alcohol. Indeed alcohol spikes the level of blood sugar. Just imagine how would you feel in the morning after eating 10 candy bars before you actually went to bed? Alcohol has somewhat similar effect on the body along with other ill effects.

In case you eat the foods with loads of fat before consuming alcohol, these oils may coat the stomach lining and reduce the alcohol absorption process. This can further help to prevent the hangover severity that you might otherwise face. In case you cannot tackle the very thought of eating solid items while facing serious hangover effects and symptoms, better try the bouillon soup. This will help to replace the potassium and salt lost during the drinking spree.

Eat eggs as they contain cysteine that breaks down the acetaldehyde in body. Eating eggs in morning after the hangover can help a great deal to remove hangover-causing alcohol matobolite toxin from one’s body. So when you face hangover symptoms and effects, just have a look at the ways through which you can cure the problem easily.