Getting the ear piercing infection is simply a rarity as the ear serves to be the safest body part as far as piercing is concerned. Not just does it needs minimal care as well as precautions, the overall healing procedure is generally short and may be completed just within a time period of 2 to 3 weeks.piercing-own-ear

In case the ear piercing is done apart from earlobes, it is generally painful and takes a bit more time to get healed. As the area is more delicate than earlobes, people having the ear piercing from bottom to top should take additional care after the piercing is performed. It is good to move pierced jewelry in forward or backward motion or even in rotational direction in order to eliminate the jewelry from being tucked in dry pus. The jewelry should even be worn as well as changed after healing process is over.

Even more, ensure that your piercing is all free from bacteria and germs, which is generally the very root cause of any infection. Also, the pierced area should be washed and cleaned using a mild soap. Then it is better to apply some antibiotic cream or lotion to the pierced region after taking a shower or before going to bed.

It is also good to deal positively and carefully with the advised as well as instructions while getting the ear pierced. This can help you to enjoy fashionable art on your ears without any pain, pus or infection. In case your piercing seems to close and that too during early phases, you can prevent it by ensuring that you wear jewelry pieces for next one year on a regular basis.