A study was conducted by researchers in Spain that tracked the dietary routine, habits, mental health and lifestyle of 12,059 college graduates for a time span of 6 years. None of these students had the problem of depression when the study was started. But it was surprising to note that at the end of the study, there were 657 cases that faced depression and other related problems.

To fight depression with proper intake of food, it is wise to take vitamin B12, B6 as well as folic acid and that too in the form of mega vitamin B complex tablet. You can take this with Vitamin C every day. Also, you can have a nice multi vitamin-mineral tablet which includes magnesium, chromium picolinate, zinc and vitamin D daily.

The researchers found that risk to develop depression was increased as the consumption of trans-fat rose. The students who were in highest quintile of this fat intake had 42 percent increased risk of suffering from depression as compared to those in low consumption group who ate barely any trans-fat.

It is wise to avoid the deep fried food items and switch over to cold pressed extra virgin olive oil where necessary. You also need to eat low fat protein, soya products, fish, seeds and nuts. These items will provide essential amino acids that are required to feel and function well.

If you have been facing depression, it is good to get it treated or cured as soon as possible. It is important to get serious and see that you avoid fatty foods to the maximum in order to say bye to depression.