Skin Warts are quite normal these days.  They are noncancerous skin growths caused by an infection mostly viral in the top layer of the skin. The viruses belong to a family called human papillomavirus (HPV). Warts are usually skin colored and might feel rough or smooth to touch. Similarly they might be either dark colored or light colored too. Many think warts spread but that’s not true. They spread in rare cases. Warts can occur anywhere in the body.

How to remove warts?

Below I have mentioned a few homemade treatments for warts.

Take a small potato and cut a small hole about the size of your wart. Place it on the wart and move it circularly for about 30 mins twice a day. This kills the roots and gradually the wart will become darker and will fall off.

Thuja is a liquid herbal product available at herbal stores. Dab a piece of cotton and cover the warts with them allow to dry. Within 2 weeks they should fall off.

Apply one drop of lemon oil directly to the infected skin. This treatment of wart is very effective.

Aloe when applied directly to te skin eases discomfort and also accelerates healing along with removal of wart.

A banana peel can be used for rubbing on the warts for about 2 weeks. The skin will be free from warts very soon.

Oil of vitamin E Capsules (gel) is also used for the treatment of wart. Spread the oil on the warts and then leave it to dry. After a few days the wart will dry up. Use a gentle towel or scrubber to scrub the surface and restart the process again. This is an effective treatment of warts.

You can also put a duck tape on wart; it will disappear in 2-3 weeks.

Removing warts is a very easy task. Hope you found the article useful.