Headache is one of the most common problems. In fact when sick or even at normal times you hear people saying “I have a headache “. So here we are giving you a few homemade remedies for headache. But in case you want to know what causes headache the answers are allergy, stress, emotional stress, eye strain, infections and many other reasons. Migraine is a special type of headache. The symptoms of migraine are the same as the headache symptoms. For the treatment of headache the home remedies always come handy.

Homemade Remedies for Headache

Take juice of three slices of lemon and add it to a cup of tea. This provides immediate relief from headache.

Apple has the potential to cure the body from many things. Remove the skin of an apple and eat the inner ripe portion with a little salt every morning in empty stomach. This is an effective treatment for headache.

The flowers of henna should be rubbed in vinegar and applied on forehead. This provides instant relief from headache too. This is particularly helpful in cases of headaches caused by heat and helps to keep the head cool. When done regularly it becomes a good headache cure.

Those who suffer from chronic headache should have hot foot baths daily. In this treatment the patient has to dip his legs in a bucket of warm water for 15mins every night before sleeping.

Take a paste of cinnamon and apply to forehead and temples to get relief from headache.

A mixture of leaves of herb marjoram with tea is an effective remedy for headache.

Along with all treatments one has to conscious about the diet and life style. Positive thinking is advisable too. The last one can work wonders but is not available always. Hence it comes under ayurvedic treatment of headache. So the next time you get a headache, instead of taking medicines for headache, try the homemade remedies. Hope you found this article useful.