Itching is a type of skin disease caused usually by impure blood. It might occur in specific areas like face itching, skin itching etc and in extreme cases whole body itching may also occur. It’s also known as pruritus. Scratching might provide temporary relief but might aggravate the condition too.

Some of the common causes of itching are dry skin, inflammations, eczema, pregnancy, insect bites, allergies etc.

Homemade Remedies for Itching

Take a handful of fresh peppermint leaves and put them in water. Use this water for bathing. This provides relief from itching.

Vicks vapor rub provides immediate relief from itching. Apply some in the particular areas of itching.

Take equal amounts of honey and cinnamon powder and make a paste. Apply this on the itching area. This is a good home remedy for itching.

Mix two cups of oatmeal in a tub of lukewarm water and bath with it. This is an effective natural remedy for itching.

Add 2 parts of apple cider vinegar to 4 parts of water and was affected area with it. This helps to cure itching.

Soaking body in bath water with white vinegar added to it also is one of the effective natural remedies for itching.

Applying Aloe Vera to the area provides instant relief from itching.

If you want to avoid itching of dry skin, apply moisturizer always.

Applying coconut oil over the affected area is also one of the good homemade remedies for itching.

For those who are suffering from itchy skin, I would recommend following a low salt diet.

Applying hot water to the affected area also provides immediate relief from itching. This is a good itching treatment too.

Neem is the ultimate solution of all skin problems. Using neem soap or paste of neem leaves or neem oil to the affected area not only treats itching but also provides relief from it.

Now you know how to deal with Itching with homemade remedies. If not treated in time this might be one of the greatest problems of your life. Hope this article helped you.