A steep rise in the pressure of blood is known as high blood pressure. It is also known as Hypertension. Blood pressure is the force with which the heart pumps blood into the arteries.

Symptoms of High Blood Pressure

Some of the most common symptoms of high blood pressure are pain at the back of the head and neck while walking. The pain is not persistent and disappears soon. Some other common symptoms are dizziness, palpitation, frequent urination, pain near the heart, fatigue, difficulty in breathing etc.

If left untreated this can lead to various other conditions such as heart attacks, kidney failure etc. there are many treatments for high blood pressure but the best are the natural cures.

Homemade Remedies for High Blood Pressure

One of the most effective treatments of high blood pressure is to chew a clove of garlic in empty stomach daily and have a glass of water while swallowing it.

Add a tsp of pepper o a cup of lukewarm water and drink it. It is a natural remedy to lower blood pressure.

Squeeze half a lemon in half cup water (about 150ml) and drink this every two hours.

In empty stomach take a tsp of powdered fenugreek seeds and swallow it with water. Repeat this twice a day- in morning and evening for around 10 days. This also helps in lowering the body sugar thus lowering the chances of diabetes.

Eat 4 basil leaves along with two leaves of neem. Drink half cup of water. Eat this in empty stomach. Neem also has many antiseptic properties and helps in treating skin diseases.

Eat fresh papaya in morning in empty stomach. Do this for a whole month. This is an effective home remedy to lower blood pressure.

Mix equal proportions of onion juice and honey and take 2 tablespoons of this mixture two times a day. This is an effective natural remedy to cure high blood pressure.

It is also advised to walk barefoot on grass for 30mins a day. This improves blood circulation and prevents high blood pressures.

Powder equal quantities of fennel seeds, cumin seeds and sugar and drink this with water twice a day.

Try to eat baked potatoes everyday. They help in treating blood pressures.

Extract the juice of around 30 curry leaves and drink it every morning. Lemon juice can be added for extra benefits and also a better taste.

Along with all treatments one should consult a doctor from time to time and test blood pressure regularly too. Hope you found this article useful.