The problem of hallux valgus or bunion is when the tissues or the bones at the joints of big toe become large. The big toe is called hallux and therefore, you see your big toe inclines inward towards the second toe of your foot. Often it may also become swollen or red. In simple terms, bunion is the condition of foot when the tissues or bones become enlarged at base of big toe. There are various home treatments that can help you in relieving the toe pain in such a condition and sometimes, also prevents your bunion to get worse. These home remedies or treatments are described here:

Do not pressurize the big toe

It is important that you should avoid putting pressure on your big toe or the foot. Also, it should be noted that the exercises that your doctor recommended should not be stopped even in case of toe pain. Swimming o bicycling can put pressure on the foot, so you should try to avoid them.

Wear the roomy shoes

Shoes that have a lot of room or space can be very helpful in relieving your bunion. The shoes should have deep toe box, should be of flat heels or low heels and should offer you good arch support. High heels, narrow heels should be avoided because they put pressure on the toe and the foot.

Use ice

Applying ice to the toe joints for around 10-20 minutes can be relieving. Between the skin and ice, you should put a thin cloth. But make sure that while doing all this, the toe should be at a higher position than the heart.

Use accessories that support

Using certain accessories such as bunion pads, arch support, and orthotics can be very helpful too. Actually, this helps in redistribution of the weight while walking. You should choose the right bunion pads with the guidance of a good ortho doctor.

Prevent bunion rubbed by shoes

You can prevent bunion by avoiding its contact with the shoes. Moleskin or patches can be put around the toe to prevent bunion being rubbed.

Do not use orthotic insoles for children with bunion

Children suffering from bunion should not be made to use the orthotic insoles. In case bunion limits their everyday tasks or activities, they should be carried to the doctor, who recommends exercises that can prevent bunion in the children and help them in averting it in the long term.