Peptic ulcer refers to the medical disorder of eroding lesion in the gastric intestinal mucosa. The disorder can form any part of the digestive area but mostly it happens to stomach or higher part of the intestinal area called duodenum.

Some factors such as too much alcohol consumption, hyperacidity, overeating, and food poisoning, smoking and excessive coffee intake are responsible for onset of peptic ulcers.

Home remedies for peptic ulcers:-

Eating banana regularly proves one of the most effective home remedies for curing peptic ulcers. Banana’s property to neutralize the extreme condition of acidity brings significant reduction in onset of peptic ulcers.

Raw goat’s milk also finds its effective treatment of peptic ulcers. Regular consumption of goat milk remover the disease completely. The patients should also take almond milk as it contains enormous protein and restricts acids formation in stomach. In addition to that, consumption of combined half cabbage and half portion of carrot juice are also beneficial for removing peptic ulcers. The patient should take a cup of cold milk with no sugar at all. It reduces acid in the stomach and gives the patient relief from burning sensation.

Apart from the above-mentioned home remedies, the patients should also avoid certain diets that enhance gastric complaints. Fried and greasy foods, meat, tea, coffee, alcohol and tobacco are said to avoid during the peptic ulcers syndromes. They produce gastric in stomach as their digestion needs more acid that causes peptic ulcer. Abstinence from such foods for some day will reduce impact of ulcers eventually.

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