The best of home remedies to get pregnant generally include taking good care of one’s body. This simply means that the conventional methods to get pregnant like Clomid or IVF will not be effective till the time you do not have a strong body to conceive a baby.

Stop smoking, alcohol, caffeine

The first natural remedy is to stop taking caffeine, alcohol and smoking cigarette. These habits disrupt, pollute as well as damage the body and so one cannot get ready to be pregnant with such a body.

Have proteins

In case you are the man, you can lower down the intake of carbohydrates and instead eat more of proteins. This is so because sperms are protein.

Guaifenesin helps a lot

But if you are the woman, it is great to take guaifenesin. It is the active ingredient in many cough syrups and is even available in generic forms. Guaifenesin helps to thin the cervical mucus so that the sperms can penetrate to the egg more easily. When you take guaifenesin in the cough syrups, better take it four times in a day before the ovulation time. In case you take it in the generic form, take one capsule per day.

Ginseng for pregnancy

Taking the ginseng tea or capsules work as well. Used since ages in Far East, ginseng serves to be a great herb that helps in stimulating the libido as well as sperm production in man and regulating menstrual cycle in the lady.

How to get pregnant

Stay away from lubricants- go natural

It is recommended not to use the vaginal lubricants as these include some substances which may kill or hinder the sperm. When you use these lubricants for making the woman wet, it is better to indulge in foreplay and arouse her rather than using these lubricants.

Comfy clothing

If you are the male partner, you should wear loose boxer underwears and pants. Avoid hot tubs as well because warm temperatures in scrotum lower down or kill the sperm potency.

Always remember that you are the one who is in control of one’s own body and no one else. So, making some changes in the lifestyle and habits can surely increase the chances of getting pregnant.

The home remedies mentioned above will help your body to get prepared for pregnancy. It is important to note that without a strong and healthy body, no injections or pills can help you to get pregnant. So, use these natural home remedies to get pregnant and enjoy parenthood without any tensions or health conditions.