Yellow toenails may be caused die to a plethora of factors like extra use of nail paints and bad lifestyle habits. After properly removing the nail paint or enamel from your toenails, you can try some simple and effective home remedies and say permanent goodbye to the yellow toenails and nail fungus.

Home remedy 1

You can soak the yellow nail tips in lemon juice that is considered to be the natural bleaching agent. You need to pour the lime juice into a tub or bowl and allow the nails to easily soak for some minutes. Using a soft brush soaked in lemon juice can also help and you can scrub this gently on the nails to say bye to the discoloration.

Home remedy 2

Another home remedy for yellow toenails is to apply some drops of the tea tree oil on yellow nails. This has proved to be really effective for many people.

yellow toenails

Quit Smoking

Though this may not be considered as the home remedy, but it is a great technique to get whiter nails. Smoking has been found to cause yellow nails. Though quitting the habit of smoking is tough, the advantages faced by overall health are amazing. Some weeks after your quitting smoking, you will notice that the fingernails will take on a brighter and whiter appearance.

Other home remedies

One more home remedy for yellow toenails is to keep the feet and toenails dry as moisture and warmth contributes in accelerating the fungus growth.

Another great remedy can be to apply the undiluted vinegar on affected toenails. When applied on a regular basis, it can kill away the fungus in no time.

Using apple cider vinegar is also useful. You need to take water and vinegar in same proportions and soak the toes in this solution for about 10 minutes on a regular basis.

So, make your toenails bright and white by following these simple and useful home remedies for yellow toenails.