Vertigo is psychologically related medical disorder characterized by abnormal dizziness in the head and sometimes the entire part of body. The affected person feels that the whole world is moving around him like whirlpool in water. Some factors like cervical injury/damage, viral infection to inside part of ears, migraines, stress and and anxieties cause onset of vertigo. According to doctor, vertigo may be chronic disorder that involves life-term treatment to the patient. However, with home remedies for vertigo, you can control onset of vertigo to a greater extent.

Exercise is the prime most solution for vertigo. Even the psychologists say that in some cases of vertigo, the patient is itself only the solution. Means, certain vertigo disorder should be treated by patients itself for which they are recommended particular and balance exercise.

You should transfix your gaze onto an object across your room for a few minutes. It will help you parry the dizziness quickly. Overpressure on the neck causes hardness onto diagonal muscle (aka sternocleidomastoid muscle-SCM). This invites vertigo and you start feeling its symptoms. You should massage the SCM muscle to get the better result.

If you are addicted to tea/coffee, stop drinking them. Instead, eat protein enriched foods and low sodium diet. Don’t drink alcohol and always have relaxed feeling in your heart. A mixture of salt, black pepper into water alleviates symptom of vertigo. On sudden arrival of vertigo, don’t lose patience. Ask someone hold you steady. Give a gentle massage to your head for one minute. This will help you reduce the pain of vertigo.