Ulcers are of various types- mouth ulcers, peptic ulcers, eye ulcers etc. In this article we shall be telling you about peptic ulcer and homemade remedies for stomach ulcers.

Causes of Ulcer

A peptic ulcer may result from hyperacidity, overeating, food poisoning, infections, stress etc. Sometimes certain medications in long term treatments also give rise to stomach ulcers. There are many treatments for stomach ulcers; however the best remedies for ulcers are the home remedies.

Home Remedies for Peptic Ulcers

There are many ulcer home remedies but some of the best are given below:-

Lime, orange and other fruits containing citric acid are beneficial as citric acid together with minerals help in digestion.

Another effective home remedy for ulcer is drinking raw cabbage juice. Celery may be added to improve the taste.

Ginger is one of the good home remedies for ulcers due to its antibacterial nature.

Mixing ginger with honey gives even better results as taste is improved and honey is also antibacterial in nature.

Eating bananas during pain helps to provide immediate relief from ulcer pain

Tea make from fenugreek seeds is a good ulcer home remedy. The seeds are slightly mucilaginous when wetted and this helps provide a protective layer over the affected area.

Blanch almonds in a blender and the milk prepared from it is an effective treatment for peptic ulcers. Most of the pain caused in ulcers is due to acids. The milk binds the acids and supplies high quality protein instead.

Goat’s milk helps to heal peptic ulcers and so highly beneficial in the treatment of ulcers. For optimum results drink 3 glass of raw milk daily.

Remember don’t drink cow’s milk in empty stomachs during ulcers. It is believed that it helps to get immediate relief from ulcer pain but the truth is the compounds in the cow’s milk simulate the production of acid in stomach and thus aggravate the condition even more.

Ulcers are extremely painful and the treatments are very time taking too. So it’s better to prevent these diseases rather than welcoming them. Hope you found this article useful. May you enjoy a healthy life.