Sunburns can be a really painful experience for you. Being out in the sun for long period of time without any proper protection might lead to sunburns.

Symptoms of sunburns

The area that is sun burnt becomes red and in worst cases develops blisters and swelling. Some people also might find the affected area of the skin itching. Some people also feel a burning sensation. Lot of discomfort is caused by sunburns. Home remedies for sunburns can help to come out of the situation.


Natural home remedies for sunburn

Though home remedies for sunburns might reduce the pain and the discomfort to some extent, but healing of sunburns is only possible with time. Here are some home remedies that can provide a little relief:

  • Taking a cold water bath with some drops of sandalwood oil or rose water in it can soothe the skin. This will not only bring relief to the sun burnt area, but will rejuvenate the entire body.
  • Cabbage or lettuce leaves when soaked in cold water or brought out of the refrigerator and put on the affected area can bring immense relief to the person.
  • Cucumber juice is a great coolant. Dab a mixture of cucumber juice and little milk on your face and on the areas that are sun burnt. The puffiness and the burning sensation due to sunburns reduce a lot.
  • If the cheeks and under-eye areas are hit by sunburns, you can cut round slices of cucumber, tomatoes and potatoes and put on those areas. They provide a cooling effect. You can also use tea bags for the same.