The main cause of sunburn or suntan is excess exposure to the ultra violet rays of the sun. When one is exposed to a short time, the person may experience suntans– the darkening of the skin. However on further exposures the skin becomes very sensitive and takes the form of sunburns. Sun burns can also be caused in various other ways and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Usually the fair skins fall victim to these skin problems. In this article we will be telling you how to get rid of sunburns.

Symptoms of Sunburn

Some of the common symptoms of sunburn are the skin may appear reddish in color and become very sensitive, feels warm on touching and sometimes blisters may develop on the same area. If not treated properly they may tend to leave scars too. Each symptom is usually followed by peeling of the skin. The person may also feel feverish.

Home Remedies for Sunburn

Fortunately to counter this problem we have a number of homemade remedies for suntan and sunburns.

On returning from outside wash face and hands with cold water and apply Aloe Vera on the affected skin. It stops the inflammation and provides instant relief from sunburn pain. Vinegar can also be used.

Try to avoid products like petroleum jelly as they make things worse.

Rubbing mustard oil on the affected area and allowing it to dry helps remove the heat from the skin and so helps in treating sunburns.

Apply freshly cut cucumber slices on the affected area helps cool the skin and is a good sunburn home remedy.

Take a warm shower. It helps increase blood flow.

Applying lacto calamine lotion is also one of the good remedies for sunburn.

Increase the intake of vitamin C and vitamin E in your diet. Eat plenty of tomatoes as it is a good antioxidant.

Above all, drink plenty of water and fluids and before stepping outside apply a SPF 30 sunscreen lotion or cream 20mins before. This helps it to penetrate the skin and work better. This helps to prevent sunburns and suntan

The above remedies will help you get rid of sunburn and suntan in no time. Hope you found this article useful.