Scars are the brown or pink patches of the skin which grows in area where you once faced some sore or wound. They are the regions of fibrous tissues which replace the normal skin tissues after damage of some dermis. Scars are thus the natural way of the skin to repair itself from some sort of injury.

There is indeed no sure shot way of removing the scars completely. But a skilled surgeon or doctor can surely improve the scar appearance by actually disguising it, minimizing the prominence and relocating it to some extent. The skin type and color, age as well as size of a scar are the crucial facts which go on to tell the result of surgery for removing the scar.

Home remedies for scars

Various kinds of scars respond to the plastic surgeries. Timing of surgery is very important factor as well. Younger is the scar, more satisfactory will be the outcome of a surgery. Thus, if you wish to have the scar removed, just don’t wait any longer and get it removed through some homemade remedies or natural ways.

Sandalwood – a natural way

You can use sandalwood paste using rose water and then apply this mixture on the affected region for the night and then wash the area in morning. This helps a great deal to remove the scars and serves as a natural way to treat the ugly looking scar.

Coconut oil and lemon juice

Even coconut oil serves to be a home remedy to deal with scars. Apply the oil on the scars and this will eventually help you to enjoy lightening of the scars. Further, lemon is a useful and good way to keep scars at bay. Take lemon juice and use it on the skin as it will help to lighten the scars and even offers a glowing and smooth skin.

Benefits of honey

Honey is further a great home remedy for scars and various other medical disorders. Apply the honey on scars various times a day and this will offer you natural glow and feel.

Other home remedies for scars

More so, take Vitamin C supplements or the Vitamin oil available with medical stores and pharmacies. Apply this oil on the scars for quite some time and you will see that the oil will eventually help to remove the scars in a permanent way. Last but not least, even olive oil is beneficial for removing the different sort of scars. This is a great herbal remedy to treat and reduce the appearance of scars.