Ringworm which is also called as Tinea is the fungus infection that affects scalp, nails, feet as well as other parts of a body. The patches of ringworm are round or oval in shape with the scaly pink colored rings and clean space in center. These patches cause itching and infect the other parts of body as well through the nails. The infection can thus be passed on from one person to another through direct contact. The infection can also be contracted through being in contact with the contaminated combs, shower, pool surfaces and clothes.

But the best part is that there are natural home remedies for ringworm. You can use these remedies and say goodbye to the ugly patches and itching.


One of the best home remedies is to use papaya. You just need to take the raw papaya, cut it into pieces and rub the area with these slices of papaya. You can also use the papaya seeds to cure ringworm. Just have some dried seeds of papaya and make a paste to be applied on affected area.


Cassia tree leaves

You can take some cassia tree leaves and make a paste of them. Apply the paste on ringworm patches and it will surely help to cure the irritation that you feel on the skin.

Other ingredients to use

Apple cider is a great thing as it is featured with antifungal traits and help to treat the ringworm. You can use this with help of the cotton ball and apply it at least 5 to 6 times in a day. You can also use some grapefruit extract on your ringworm patches to get results.

Tea tree oil

It is popularly known to be featured with the anti fungal traits. Apply the oil directly on region that is affected at least thrice in a day to see the results.

Vegetables and juice

The raw vegetable juices like that of spinach and carrot has showed amazing results when it comes to treating ringworm with home remedies.


You can further use the raw turmeric juice and apply it on the affected region. Also, consume blend of turmeric juice as well as honey through mouth, this is a great remedy.

In case of scalp ringworm

In case you suffer from ringworm at your scalp, it is best to run the castor oil on affected region. The oil is known for its great properties to treat the ringworm problem.

What to do in case of recurrence?

In case you see that the ringworm comes back, you can ensure that you get medical help at the earliest. Never ignore the recurrence of ringworm or any other disease.

Last but not least, it is imperative to remember that diet plays a very important role and so you should stay at bay from the food items that encourage ringworm infection. Coffee and tea should not be taken when you undergo some treatment for ringworm. Go ahead and sue the natural, home remedies for a safe treatment of your ringworm problem.