Pimples are the most terrifying thing that can happen to any teenager. But adolescence is generally accompanied by pimple. Some people get only a few pimples on their face but a few are unlucky to have numerous pimples popping up time and again. But there are ways of getting rid of them. One way is selecting an ointment for pimple, but it is often a risky deal, as it may even increase their number. So, one should rather go for the home remedies for pimples. Now we are going to list a few home remedies for pimples which can help you prevent yourself from pimples.

  • Add equal amount of lemon juice and rose water, and apply this mixture on the infected area. Keep this for half an hour and repeat it regularly to see amazing results.
  • Prepare a facial mask consisting of grated apple and honey. It is an effective home remedy for pimples.
  • Applying raw papaya juice will do wonders for you.
  • The easiest home remedy is to apply freshly extracted mint juice.
  • Make a paste of crushed margosa leaves and turmeric, then apply it to the face to remove the pimples successful.
  • Tee tree oil mixed with aloe vera gel have an anti bacterial and anti inflammatory effects on the pimples.

By following the above mentioned home remedies for pimple you can easily and safely get rid of the ugly pimples that keep popping up on your face. Follow any of these simple steps for getting a clean and beautiful skin.