Nose bleeding has been seen as a common problem for many people. There might be a clot that can cause nasal bleeding. Of course, you can’t run to a doctor immediately. Therefore, there are some home remedies for nasal bleeding that can be very useful for instant results. These are explained below:

Pinch your nose firmly, not hardly!

You should pinch your nose a little firmly at the bridge. Never ever lie down or put your head back because the blood might enter the throat and make your stomach upset. Keep holding the nose like that for 2-3 minutes till bleeding stops. It is advisable not to blow the nose after this because the clot might start bleeding again.

nasal bleeding

nasal bleeding

Apple Cedar Vinegar

This product is very useful for avoiding blood loss. For using this product, soak cotton balls in the Apple Cedar Vinegar and put it lightly in the nostrils.

Lemon drops and wet towel

Another good home remedy for nasal bleeding is to put a few lemon drops in your nose. After you have done this, cover your head with wet towel.

Humidify the air

It is the task of nostrils to ensure that air that you breathe in should reach the lungs and that it is humidified. In case the surrounding is very dry, make sure that you humidify it in order to stop nasal bleeding.


It is another one of the best home remedies for nasal bleeding. Prepare tea using one teaspoon of goldenseal in boiling water. Let it boil and once it settles down, leave it for cooling. Snuff some of it in your nostrils a few times in order to stop bleeding.

By using these home remedies for nasal bleeding, you can avert from serious troubles too.