Migraine can be really troublesome and painful. At times of painful situations, you just need something that would work instantly for you. Have you ever considered home remedies for migraine? If not, try it now! These home remedies for migraine can actually prove very relieving for you.

Aromatherapy: One of the best home remedies for migraine is aromatherapy. A few aromas such as those of peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and sandalwood, can be really good and helpful for treating migraine.

Massage: Massage is also considered to be a very good home remedy for migraine. Massaging head with certain ayurvedic oils can be very effectual in treating migraine. This is not just effectual for treating migraine but is also very nourishing for all your senses.

Acupressure: A lot of people suggest and have seen the benefits of acupressure in treating migraine. This is also considered to be one of the best suited home remedies for migraine.


Cabbage Leaf Compress: For treating migraine, take few leaves of cabbage and crush it. After that these leaves are to be put in the cloth. Tie this cloth on your forehead overnight. This can be done in the day as well. This is also one of a successful home remedy for migraine.

Chamomile Tea: Drinking chamomile tea can bring down the migraine symptoms and this is a simple home remedy for treating migraine.

These few home remedies for migraine are very well suited for treating and reducing the symptoms for migraine. Apart from thee other remedies such as primrose oil, ayurvedic remedy ‘nasyam’and juice of ripe grapes are also a few other effectual home remedies for migraine.