Malaria is the disease that is generally found all across the globe but this endemic is more faced in the tropical climates in which there are marches, swamps and ponds of stagnant water. There are indeed some useful home remedies and natural ways to cure malaria.


Grapefruit extract or juice has been known widely to alleviate the malaria signs and symptoms. You need to boil grapefruit and then strains its overall pulp. Then use this mixture to say goodbye to malaria.


People facing malaria can take 3 grams lime fully dissolved in water along with a pinch of lemon. This can be taken as soon as one starts to have the feverish feeling.


You can create a mix from this herb. You can take 3 gm of black pepper powder and mix it with basil to be given to the patient. This in turn helps to lower down the virulence of hot stage of fever. You even have to be aware that basil is a great prophylactic agent that works against malaria and is used in India since a long time. Some practitioners of Ayurveda also advise using tulsi and black pepper to save oneself from malaria. But in case the disease attacks by chance, you can use the home remedies and get free from the disease in no time.

home remedies for malaria


Cinnamon serves to be another herbal remedy that is great for the patients suffering from malaria. Patients are recommended to take one teaspoon coarsely powdered cinnamon with water, pepper as well as honey. This indeed helps to boost the immunity system of the patient.

So, the above mentioned are some of the home remedies for malaria that can be used to treat or cure the disease effectively. You can even consult the healthcare professional to get medical help and treat malaria.

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