Many people are of the view that lumps anywhere on their body is a symptom of cancer. This is a completely wrong notion. Some of these lumps can be non cancerous and some can be due to excessive growth of certain tissues. Usually the lump formed in the back of the throat called tonsillitis, are neglected by many. The lump in throat is due to the stone formation from the debris caught in the tonsils. The person could find some quick home remedies to this problem like gargling with lukewarm water having a bit of salt in them, scraping them off with a toothbrush and in certain cases medication can help them be removed completely. Sometimes the tonsil stones will be formed in certain dangerous places which can complicate the matter. The best method will be to consult with a doctor if the problem persists.

Lump formation in breasts is one of the worst problems faced by a majority of women nowadays. All lumps formed in breast need not be cancerous. For those who always fear the formation of lumps in breast there are many remedies available.

Home Remedies for Lumps

The natural and home remedies are great to keep the health conditions at bay and that too in a natural and safe manner. When you use the home remedies, you will see that you enjoy better health, without any side effects.

Vitamin A for Lumps 

Vitamin A can help reduce the pain caused due to lumps in the breast and they also help, the breast duct function properly. Taking of foods like soy and tofu which are rich in isoflavones will prevent formation of cysts in the breasts. Food and beverages which are rich in caffeine are also a good remedy for avoiding breast lumps.


Another major remedy to avoid any type of lump formation in the body is by reducing any progesterone supplements the person is taking. A person who is taking progesterone supplements  will release a hormone called epidermal growth factor 1 along with the progesterone. This hormone will initiate the growth of cells and thus causing lumps formation in the body.

There are several other natural remedies for lumps as well that you can use at home. This way, you will be able to lead a healthy and tension free life, without facing any health conditions. Use the home remedies at the earliest to keep serious illnesses at bay. In case the home remedies do not prove to be beneficial, it is best to consult the doctor and get the lump treated as soon as possible.