If jaw pain has made your life miserable, it’s time for you to consider some home remedies for jaw pains. It is quite fortunate for you that you don’t need to run in search for treatment immediately. Chronic jaw pain can be treated even at home with certain home remedies. Following are some o f the most effective and proven jaw remedies.


You can apply compresses to relieve jaw pains. Make sure you alternate the hot and cold compresses. You can apply cold compress, ice or even frozen vegetable on the jaws. Wrap any of these things in the washcloth. Apply this for around 10 minutes on the jaws every day. After this, apply hot compress on the affected areas for 20 minutes.

jaw pain


Jaw massage sounds weird but it can be very effective. Tensed jaw muscles can be the cause of pain. Use back-massage tool to loosen these muscles. Hand massage in the affected areas can also be beneficial.

Change lifestyle

If you frequently suffer from jaw pain, it is advisable to change the lifestyle. Make sure you take less caffeine in your diet. Stress can also be a major cause of jaw pains. Therefore, you must relax or meditate in order to relieve from jaw pain.

Vitamin C supplements

Vitamin C can be a great healer for jaws pains. Make sure you introduce Vitamin C supplements in your diet. It can be very effective for the pain in jaws.

Saline solution

Tooth ache or gum ache can cause pain in jaws. In order to avoid it, gargle with saline solution. For this, add a pinch or two in warm water and regularly gargle with it. It will keep away jaw ache.

Jaw aches have been common among many people and it indeed can be very painful. By adopting all the aforementioned home remedies for jaw pains, you can get rid of the pain.