Head lice are amongst the most unhygienic and irritating things. Lice are accompanied by itchy scalp and irritation. Once a single family member gets attacked by lice, the others are also likely to have them, as they spread really fast. Generally school children are more prone to head lice. Removing lice from head is a tough job and relying on shampoos and lotions available at the pharmacists is also not worthwhile, as they can harm your hair and scalp.

When relying on chemicals is not worth it, then one should opt for the Home remedies for head lice. Here we have listed a few great Home remedies for removing head lice:

  • Mayonnaise- Apply mayonnaise to hair and scalp, cover the hair with plastic and leave for an hour. Then rinse the hair and comb with a fine toothed comb to remove nits and lice.
  • Vinegar- It works great on lice. Wash your hair with vinegar and you see no more lice after two days.
  • Tee- tree oil and olive oil- mix the two oils and massage the mixture well on hair and scalp, and leave for one hour. Wash your hair and rinse with vinegar. Comb with a fine toothed comb to remove the remaining lice.
  • Neem oil- Apply neem oil and leave for an hour. Then shampoo your head and when you comb the dead lice will fall off. If you get neem leaves around you boil them and strain out the water. Soak this water in your head to kill the lies.