Fever blisters or what are also known as cold sores are the small, red colored blisters that appear on outer edges of mouth and on lips. These blisters display clear liquid and even form the scabs after some days. The blisters are caused due to herpes virus which becomes live when they are triggered. These blisters further appear after fever, colds, stress during the menstruation period and exposure to the direct sunlight.

Though there is no sure shot treatment for fever blisters, they can be reduced to some extent using the natural home remedies.

fever blisters

Ice helps

Rubbing ice on sores for about 10 minutes or so after every hour can help a lot. This will contribute in preventing movement of virus to one’s skin.

Vaseline is useful

Vaseline can also help in moisturizing as well as softening the blisters and preventing them from bleeding or cracking.

Try some mixtures

You can further mix a drop grapefruit seed extract with olive oil or Aloe Vera and then use it on the sore.

You can even use equal parts of calendula, burdock, lomatium, oats and Echinacea. Then take half a teaspoon of this mix 4 to 5 times in a day in order to soothe inflamed tissue and get rid of toxins available in the body thereby killing the bacteria and viruses.

So, now as you are aware of the natural and home made remedies used to cure fever blisters, use them and have blister free skin.