Ear infections are neither contagious nor dangerous. But ear infections are really painful and may affect the hearing of the patient affected. Most of these infections are the outcome of some activity which causes break or irritation in the ear canal skin thus allowing the infection to take place. General causes of ear infections are eczema, dry skin, scratching ear canal with the cotton buds or hair pins and excessive water in the ear canal.

A large number of people trust home remedies and natural care for ear infections as they can be made instantly and used with ease without any possible side effects. Some common home remedies for ear infections include the following:

  •   Warm water bottle to be applied to the affected ear for about 10 minute or so
  •   Two to three drops warm onion juice
  •   Giving water to sip and swallow that helps to open Eustachian tube
  •  One to two drops warm olive oil to be applied in each ear
  •  Some drops of hydrogen peroxide to be dropped in each ear and kept for 10 minutes
  •  Cup of salt or rice placed in large sock and warmed in microwave and set on outside of the ear for 5 to 10 minutes
  •  Elevating the mattress to help in drainage, not to use pillows under head

Also, zinc is further useful to reduce the pain and ear infections. Apart from these home remedies, you can even use mixing garlic oil or olive oil and lobelia together, placing some drops of the mixture in the ear and then plugging it with the help of cotton to reduce the ear pain.

There are several other home remedies for ear infections as well. So, go ahead and sue some of these to say goodbye to the painful and ugly ear infection.