Diabetes is a medical syndrome of the body that occurs when there is abnormal growth of sugar in the blood. Abnormal growth of sugar in blood happens when the body cells stops responding to insulin produced by pancreases. Insulin is an essential hormone responsible for transporting sugar to the body muscles to produce energy. The body muscles then supply energy to the entire parts of the body.

When the there is no production of insulin or when the body cells stops responding to insulin, the sugar in the blood remains increasing till it becomes a sign of diabetes. In the absence of insulin, the body muscles do not receive sugar for energy; hence, the body feels fatigue during diabetes.

Followings are some effective home remedies for diabetes:-

Use mango leaves, soak them in water and leave it overnight. Drink the solution in an empty stomach. In other alternatives, dry the mango leaves and grind them into powder. Mix the powder in a glass of water and drink it for someday. You will experience curing effect eventually.

One of other home remedies for diabetes is to use sweet potato leaves. Take sweet potato leave; mix it with one teaspoonful of ash gourd. Keep the mixture for a boil for some time. Strain out the mixture and drink this herbal tea for some days. It has curing effects for diabetes.

Patients should eat bitter guard that contains property to reduce sugar in blood. Cinnamon also reduces sugar level in blood and therefore, is also one of the effective home remedies for diabetes. Apart from that garlic, onion, turmeric and other herbals are said to give immense relief out of diabetes.

Though, diabetes are a chronic disease, yet it is curable provide that the patients should follow proper herbal medications as mentioned above. Eventually they will feel curative sign of the disease.