Cleaning is quite a painful task. We usually use different kinds of chemicals for various cleaning purposes. These chemicals have some or the other side effects on our body and environment. However, we use them for our own convenience. But many of us do not know about the various home remedies for cleaning that are more effective and less harming.

Effective and plain home remedies for cleaning

In the older times, when there were fewer chemicals, people generally used home remedies for cleaning. Some of them are really effective and applied by people to this day. Enlisted below are some of the simple and convenient home remedies for cleaning:

  • For dishwashing – For getting speck clean dishes, it is not necessary to use chemical dishwashing solutions. White vinegar is an excellent dishwashing agent.
  • For removing stains – Apart from using harsh chemicals for removing stains from your clothes, use aspirin. Yes that’s correct! In a cup of lukewarm water, dissolve some tablets and pour the mixture on the stain areas. This mixture works wonderfully well particularly for stains from perspiration.
  • For softening fabric after cleaning – Many solutions are available in the market that comes with a promise of softening fabrics post cleaning. To do the same at home, take few drops of essential oil and a cup of vinegar. Mix both the ingredients and add the mixture to the water used for final rinsing. This will soften the clothes as well add a soft fragrance.
  • Cleaning paste for all purposes – A paste made with baking soda, pure soap flakes, glycerin and chalk acts as a multi-purpose cleaner.