There are a number of home remedies for back pain which can be used at home. One of these is to try the effective and safe painkillers like codeine, aspirin or paracetamol. But you need to observe that you do not become dependent on these painkillers and try the natural, safe ways instead.

Home Remedies for Back Pain


Massage is a great way to say goodbye to back pain. The massage can be used both to relieve the pain as well as relax the back muscles. You can get the help from your family member however make sure that the massage is done with gentle hands and smooth strokes. It is also crucial to note that the person who gets the massage lays down in a proper, comfortable posture.


Ice can also be used to get relief from back pain. For example, the crushed ice can be collected in a towel that can be applied to the affected area in order to lower down the inflammation felt. Ice will thus contribute in making the blood vessels constrict thereby reducing the flow of blood and the swelling. But after a day or so, you should start using heat at the affected area so as to increase the blood flow and thereby enjoy fast recovery and healing.

Home Remedies for Back Pain


Almonds too contribute in relieving the back pain felt. 15 to 20 almonds when taken on regular basis can relieve the pain. This natural way works great when used with other home remedies.


Some food items are also known to heighten the inflammation in the body thus aggravating the back pain. Eliminating or at least reducing the intake of these items from your daily diet can have dramatic effect on back pain. Some of the culprits include corn syrup with high fructose, soft drinks, fried foods, red meats and white flour.


Correct posture is another way to relieve the back pain. The position in which you sit, lay and work greatly affects your posture. And improper posture can lead to pain and discomfort in the back and other body parts. In case you assume a posture which places strain on the back and that too in lower area, you may find yourself to be suffering from severe pains. And this is mainly true for all those who slouch. So, by keeping the back straight and with no slouching can minimize the overall pressure on lower back thereby reducing the chances to face back pain.


Taking a stroll each day helps to improve the blood circulation, loosen the muscles and reduce the back pains felt. There is no requirement to walk miles and miles. Just a short walk every day can help greatly to enjoy relief from the back pain and other health conditions.

These are some of the home remedies for back pain that can be used to enjoy relief. Back pain may be caused due to fatigue, improper posture and muscles tear. But in case you notice that you are facing the pain very intensely and from a long time, it is better that you consult a doctor.