Asthma is the respiratory disease which makes breathing tough and that too while exhaling. Allergens, pollens, bacteria and irritants can indeed prompt the asthmatic attack. So, it is great to use the home remedies for asthma in order to prevent asthma attacks and keep the disease at bay.


Steam serves to be the most effective natural remedy for asthma treatment. Steam may be used to prevent asthma attacks. Taking steam in your room is the best but you can even take hot shower. You can also opt to have boiling water in the bucket, use the towel over head and lean on the bucket with boiling water. You can further add some eucalyptus to the water in order to unblock or clear the mucus and the nasal passages.

Asthma Home Remedies

Asthma Home Remedies

Smoking- say no to it

Another way to keep asthma at bay is to avoid smoking. The smoke from cigarettes serves to be one of the common causes and irritants which lead to asthma attack.


Garlic has the natural anti inflammatory properties that help in curing asthma. Garlic even reduces total mucous quantity that is generated in bronchial tubes. Taking 1 to 2 cloves of garlic and chewing them daily can be a great home remedy. Or you can even use garlic juice and add it to some vegetable juice to be consumed on a daily basis.

Bitter gourd

Roots of bitter gourd have also been used since early times as the treatment to cure asthma. A teaspoon root paste when blended with proper amounts of honey or tulsi juice when consumed for a month serves to be a great natural remedy to cure the disease.


Fig, the fruit that helps to cure various illnesses is even useful to treat asthma. The figs make asthma patient feel good as they help to deplete the phlegm. You can clean around 2 to 3 figs properly using lukewarm water and then soak them in the water overnight to be consumed as first thing when you wake up the next morning.

Use probiotics

Probiotics like kefir, fermented vegetables and yogurt are highly useful for the asthma patients and serves as a great natural remedy for asthma. The disease is an auto immune one and so through boosting the immunity by ingestion of the probiotics, one can enjoy great relief from the problem of asthma.


Honey too boosts immunity and thus it helps to avoid the asthma attacks. When a patient faces asthma attack, he or she can breathe in honey vapors or take a teaspoon honey to alleviate the attack.

Apart from the home remedies listed above, you need to make a list of factors that trigger asthma signs and symptoms like allergens and pollens. This way, you will be able to know what things to be at bay from in order to prevent or avoid the asthma attacks.

It can be said that the asthma attacks are highly uncomfortable. However, with simple home remedies and tips, one can keep these attacks surely at bay. Use the natural and safe ways and lead an asthma free life.