Ankle pain may be felt due to different reasons like bone fractures, joint degeneration, obesity and muscle strains. So, if you suffer from ankle pain, it is best to use some natural and home remedies. Improving the circulation as well as strength in the surrounding region will come next. You can thus take some useful steps with natural treatments and remedies to get some relief from the severe ankle pain and prevent any future hassles.


Your ankle will respond better to the alternating cold and hot therapy. You can use 2 gel packs and use heat for around 20 minutes or so. Then follow it with cold pack and alternatively prepare the ice packs through filling the Ziploc with ice cubes. Apply this ice pack on the affected ankle and get help in reduced swelling and pain. Ensure that ice properly rests on swollen or painful area.

ankle pain

Balanced diet

Changing the diet to enjoy relief from the ankle pain can prove to be really effective. In case you are heavy and face poor blood circulation or stress in your ankles, you may even suffer from bone degeneration and frequent strains. Thus, losing some weight can help to get relief from the ankle pain.


When you cannot move around, you can support the weak ankle with compressive bandage, crutch or cane. Restricting the harmful movements with the bandage provides pain relief in short period of time.

Other home remedies for ankle pain


Home remedies for ankle pain like garlic oil and coconut oil help to reduce the swelling and pain when you soak the oils are soaked directly in the skin.

You can mix 3 spoons of garlic and coconut oil in a bowl and heat it in the microwave for some seconds, making the mixture warm. Then, you can massage the warm oil on the ankle for some time, thereby allowing the mixture to soak completely into the skin.


Cabbage includes vitamins and minerals which are beneficial when ingested and when applied externally. You can gather the layers of the cabbage blanch them by boiling in water and place them in a container full with cold water. As soon as the leaves get blanched, wrap the ankle and foot completely and allow the leaves to rest on the area for around half an hour. You will feel somewhat relieved after this.

So, these are some of the home remedies for ankle pain. You can use other natural treatments and remedies as well.