The word ‘allergy’ means abnormal or altered tissue reaction which occurs if the body tissues are sensitive to the allergen (which is also called as antigen). Allergic reactions are mainly caused by the wide varieties of conditions and substances which include dust, pollens, cosmetics etc. some of the allergic symptoms are migraines, recurring headaches, irritability, dizziness, depression, nervousness, conjunctivitis, neuralgia, hay fever, eczema, diarrhea, a stiffy nose ,asthma, urticaria, vomiting and swelling of eyes and face. But no need to worry, you can get rid of these allergies by following some of the home remedies using castor oil, nutrients, bananas, lime and vegetable juices.

In the treatment of allergies, a quantity of 500 ml carrot juice with cucumber juices can easily help you.100 ml each of cucumber and beet juices should be mixed with 300ml carrot juice to make half a litre of mixed juice. These juices should be taken once a time daily. Lime is an effectual remedy for any kind of allergy. In a glass of warm water, half a lime should be squeezed and also honey should be mixed in it. It not only flushes the toxins system but also it acts as an antiallergic agent and as an antitoxic. For those people who suffer from asthma, digestive disorders and skin rashes should at least eat 1-2 bananas daily. Not only this, but for the allergies of skin, nasal passages and intestinal tract, five drops of castor oil in a half cup of vegetable juice is taken.

So, without thinking about anything, start following these beneficial home remedies if you are suffering from any kind of allergy. Live healthy, eat healthy.