Earache is a very painful condition. Mainly children experience this problem &  its also one of the most common for which parents call doctor in home in odd hours. As said above children face this problem more often than adults. There are some reasons for earache like building of some fluid deep inside eardrum, which is known as glue ear, it takes place in children more often than adults, apart from that infection of ear canal, an infected hair follicle or boil in the ear canal, some outside damage in ear canal by poking something in ear canal or Eczema in the ear canal etc. It can also happen due to throat infection like tonsils or some jaw pain as ENT  ( Eyes Nose Throat ) are connected to each other.

What is earache?

It happens when the Eustachian tubes get plugged. Some of the common causes for earache are exposure to loud sounds constantly, cold, infection in the ear, getting hit on the ear, excess wax deposition etc.

Symptoms of Earache

High Temperature ( over 38C)


Loss of appetite in children

Children may rub ear continuously or very frequent

Cough or Running Nose Etc.

Earache Home Remedies

Earaches take place suddenly. And it’s difficult to arrange medications for the same instantly. So preference should be given to homemade remedies for earache.

In teaspoon sesame oil add a clove of garlic and heat on a flame till it becomes little warm. Lie down on one ear and put 4 drops in other ear. Turn and repeat.

Put some castor plant leaves on warm sesame oil and dab the oil around the ears. This an excellent natural remedy for ear ache.

Take some oil of ajwain and mix with three times sesame oil and warm a little. Put 4 drops of this in each ear. This is a good earache treatment.

Put 4-5 cloves of garlic in some linseed oil and burn them. Filter the oil and apply one in morning and once in evening on the ears. You can also store them. This is one of the best homemade remedies for earache.

Take some basil leaves and grind them to paste. Warm and cool it. Put 4-5 drops of this oil at tolerable temperature in the ears.  This is a good and sure shot earache cure

Grind the leaves of mango leaves and extract the juice. Heat it a little and put 4 drops in each ears.

Chop radish into little pieces and put them in mustard oil and warm it. Store this and when there is pain put 4-5 drops in each ear. This is used for a quick relief and it’s an effective earache remedy.

Earache should be prevented as this is very painful. Taking precautions such as preventing excess cold air from entering the ears, eating mint chewing gums during flights should be taken.