Concealers are available in a variety of shades to match and go well with each type of skin tone. These concealers help in diminishing presence of the dark circles, marks and pimples. These may be in cream, stick or liquid form. As for applying a concealer, moisturize the face first to have an easy application. In order to eliminate your concealer from turning into fine lines, wipe off the excessive. Blot it using a tissue paper to have that perfect matte finish.200374116-003

Whether you are dark or fair in color, the concealer needs to have yellow shades. Do not just use the concealer that is too white or more than the shade of your skin color. Try to have the perfect matching concealer shade. Apply the concealer before using foundation and set it using the powder. Rather than applying cream from inside corner of eyes to outside, you need to dab on skin and accordingly blend it gently with finger tips from outside to inside. This process will not actually pull your skin. After the concealer has dried completely, you can apply a bit more of required. In order to remove the concealer, use cosmetic concealer rather than rubbing the face and neck with water and harsh soap.

Concealers are of denser composition as compared to the ordinary foundations and are available in different forms like pots and tubes. These can be utilized to cover the ugly blemishes, ruddy areas, veins, under eye circles, dark spots and freckles. Using the concealer which is too pink or light in color give the look of the owl eyes. It will actually emphasize dark region rather than concealing it. Always try to set the concealer with translucent, sheer powder in order to eliminate creasing. Blending is the ultimate key to have your concealer spread finely all over the face and neck. Last but not least, ensure that you cover the inside of nose bridge and outer corner of eyes where you tend to face the dark circles.