Modern day women have to juggle work front, the home and the family all at the same time. The wellness of the family depends upon the lady of the household. So it is of utmost importance that she maintains her own health. This article discusses few essential health tips for women.

Healthy Diet tips: the first and foremost thing for a woman is to have a healthy diet. Due to the pressure of work athome and family it’s quite common to skip meals for a woman. But this is a strictly formidable. Choose food which improves your health and boost up your immunity. Keep variety of food like cereals, pulses, vegetables, meat, fish or egg. Try to have fewer amounts of fried foods and sugary items.

Watch What You Eat: try to have low calorie foods.  Have mustard instead of mayonnaise. Use double toned milk with cereals. Try to have milk instead of cream with coffee.

Foods to Have Regularly: Calcium, Iron and Vitamin-D are extremely important for women. So make sure these are present in your daily diet. Have lemon, chili and sour fruits which are rich in Vitamin-C. These will help your body to fight back diseases.

Start your day with a heavy breakfast.  Snack on foods instead of burgers and chips. Eat moderately and watch your weight. If you consume alcohol, restrict that to weekends only. And exercise regularly. Follow these tips religiously and you will have a healthy body to take care of yourself and your loved ones