All of us want to stay healthy and fit. But very few actually become successful in doing so. But don’t worry. This article talks about some health and nutrition secrets which can save your life.

Restrict Consumption of Alcohol: Excess consumption of alcohol damages liver, one of the important organs of our body. So try to limit your alcohol intake. The best option is to quit drinking. Otherwise, limit yourself to drinking on weekends only.

Quit Smoking: I will not ask you to reduce smoking. Just quit it. You know how harmful it is for your lungs and mouth. So stop smoking as soon as you can.

Have a Healthy Diet: a healthy diet is the key to your success. Keep green vegetables and cereals in your daily meals. Avoid deep fried foods. Try having baked or grilled foods instead. Use low calorie foods whenever possible. Have colorful fruits and vegetables as these are rich in antioxidants.

Snack Intelligently: We all crave for snacks. But do it wisely. Snack on fruits instead of having junk foods. Or have some smoothie or yoghurt as your evening snack. Not only these lessen your calorie intake, but these oil free foods will help to keep your arteries free from cholesterol, reducing your chance of a heart blockage.

Exercise Regularly: Never forget the importance of regular exercising. If you don’t have time to visit a gym, take a walk. Or go jogging in the morning. Regular exercising keeps your body fit and disease free.

Religiously follow these tips and you will be amazed at these health and nutrition secrets which can save your life.