Everyone wishes to have things that are they are not featured with. The same saying goes with the hair. People having the straight and silky hair wish to have those beautiful long curls while the ones with curly hair desire to boast the straight hair. One can always get the hair straightened from salons that use the harsh chemicals or straightening irons and charge huge amounts. But, there are even some natural ways from which you can make your hair all straight without the need to use harmful irons. These natural measures are not just temporary, but will give your hair that much required straight look.128996

You can take due help of the wide tooth comb to detangle the wet hair and then apply the hair straightening cream or balm. Just apply this balm on the very tips of hair and put very small amount on the hair roots. After that, use the comb to evenly spread the cream or balm through your hair. Then, divide the hair into various sections. As per the length of the hair, divide them into different layers. Leave the lowest layer and then clip up the remaining parts. Use a blow dryer on separated layer and use the round brush to actually pull the hair in outward direction with your blow dryer and point downwards. Ensure that the movement is actually free flowing without any jerks or heavy pulling. Now perform this step on remaining sections. Use the ceramic flat iron then on other sections of the hair in order to make them firm. Later, apply either the gel or spray to the hair so that they get a finished look.

You can even use the conditioner and shampoo to make the hair straightened but it is much simple to do the blow dry and make hair straight for quite an extended period of time.