Discoloration of skin serves to be a very common problem. It takes place due to a plethora of reasons. Some of the reasons behind skin discoloration include skin pigmentation, over sweating and even stress. You may possess that slim and trim figure but the dark armpits can spoil all the fun to wear a sexy bikini and flaunt off your body. Here are some easy to do remedies and tips that can help you to say goodbye to the dark underarms.

How to Have Clean Underarms


First of all, when you go out under the scorching sun or in afternoons, ensure that you carefully apply the sun screen or sun tan lotion as these products contain the SPF. Check with your dermatologist or physician what proper amount of this SPF is really suitable for your type of skin. Also, remember not to shave the armpit hair. This actually makes the armpit hair hard as well as darker in color. This even contributes in skin tan. Avoid using any hair removal products as well as they are actually harmful for sensitive organs like the armpits. Waxing is thus a great option to consider in order to have brightened armpit area. Waxing actually removes the armpit dead skin, fights the skin patches and is even a hygienic way to avoid discoloration of armpits. Even more, while taking a bath, try rubbing the armpits gently using a pumice stone.

Then wash the region carefully with a mild soap and fresh water. Using lemon is also useful to have bright armpits. Rub the lemon piece on armpits each day before taking the shower. Or you can even make a mixture of lime juice, cucumber juice and turmeric powder to be applied on the armpits area for about 20 minutes in order to get rid of darker armpits. Last but not least, you can even use the anti fungal talcum powder or the baking soda rather than the antiperspirant roll on or deodorant. This helps in lowering down the risks of ill chemical reactions to the armpit area skin.