Dark circles are seen around one’s eyes and are called as the bags under eyes. The black rings contribute negatively in making the person look ill and exhausted. These dark circles are very annoying to look at and are difficult to cover, much tougher to get rid of and make the lives of people frustrating.61583564-65bf-d230-42b4-ebe24707094c

Dark circles are generally temporary and are not any medical concern. One may be shocked to learn that tiredness generally is not the very cause to develop dark circles. Rather, most basic cause is the nasal congestion. When one’s nose is congested, the veins which generally drain from the eyes into nose become dilated and dark in color. The dark circles can also result from some chronic skin problem like atopic eczema.

Some of the common causes of developing dark circles include:

ü  Smoking

ü  Family history or hereditary

ü  Insomnia can also be the result for dark circles

ü  Abnormalities faced in the adrenal gland may result in dark circles as the adrenal glands are linked with stress that in turn causes dark circle

ü  Vitamin K deficiency

Another major cause of getting dark circles is the swollen eyelid during sleep. When one lies down, the gravity may cause fluid collecting in the lower eyelids. The swelling can make appearance of some shadow below the eyes. There are many over the counter items available that can help to diminish or at least reduce the dark circles. It is better to look out for the skin creams having Vitamin K or C, kinetin and alpha hydroxy acid.

There are indeed various factors that contribute in the growth of dark circles and make them all the more worse. While some of these causes are unavoidable such as ill health and age, others can be eliminated easily. Almost every person face dark circles under the eyes at some or the other point of time in life.