Even though the lower back ache can be a catch all protest, but it is most of the times a result of extra instability that is faced around sacrum, which is the triangular, large bone that is made up of the 5 fused vertebrae at very base of one’s spine. By following an exercise regime, one can easily say goodbye to the lower back pain and help stabilize sacrum. As one practices these poses, it is better to engage the abdomen on exhale to constantly tone the abs thereby supporting the back in prefect manner.


First pose is to lie on one’s belly with the head turned to side, resting it conveniently. Then place the palms on floor alongside the chest with one’s elbows bent and the legs together. While inhaling, life the head, legs and chest up from the floor simultaneously. Later, turn the head to its center thereby keeping legs all straight with opened legs various inches apart. Continue the pose by exhaling, keeping the legs and chest up and then squeezing the legs together thus engaging the muscles of inner thighs. Pause the posture and hold it for some time and once again return to your starting position.

Other pose that can be useful to reduce the back pain is to start ton the knees and hands with shoulders directly over the wrists along with the hips over knees. Start inhaling slowly and ten arch the back into its cat pose thereby lifting chest up and then away from belly. Then extend the tailbone towards ceiling. While exhaling, round your back into the cow pose, with gentle contracting of the belly and ultimately bringing chest down to pause on thighs in kid’s pose or the balasana. The sacrum is stuck between two hipbones and then is held together by the two joints. Difficulties are caused mainly by sitting for longer periods of time, over arching the lower back and stress.