Everyone wishes to look fair and young. For achieving this skin whitening goal, we try a large number of cosmetics and other treatments. The truth is that skin whitening can be made possible with a bit dedication and careful research. There are a large number of homemade skin whitening items that can help you in becoming fair. The sandal skin bleach is the first product to be made at home to have that fair skin. All you need to have is tomato juice, lemon juice, cucumber juice and sandalwood powder. Mix all the ingredients properly in order to make a thick paste to be applied on the skin. Wait for some time to let the paste dry fully. What will be seen is a light colored and bright skin with a great texture as well.SkinLighteningCreamIntro-main_Full

Another homemade skin whitening item is the orange pack. You need to collect orange peels to let them dry under direct sunlight. Then grind these peels to make a smooth powder. While applying the powder, add raw milk to it and make a paste out of it. Wait for the paste to get dried on your face and then rinse the mix with lukewarm water. This paste can be applied on a regular basis to get effective and fast results.

Last but not least, the gram flour bleach can be made at home by using 2 spoons of gram flour, a pinch of the turmeric powder, some milk cream drops and some lemon juice drops.  Just mix all the ingredients to have a fine thick paste to be spread evenly on your skin. Wait till the paste dries and then simply scrub it. The best part about this skin whitening paste is that it can be applied on any part of one’s body to have the great results.